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Cold fog series

First, the cold fog host series
Cold fog complete sets of equipment works by the water to the high-pressure pump, pressurized by high pressure output, high-pressure pipeline sent to the atomization nozzle, without any air flow and material with the help of water atomization to less than 20 microns in diameter Dry fog point, the evaporation surface area is large, when exposed to dry heat of the air, the moment it will be evaporated, and in the process will be a lot of heat away, you can also increase the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air, increase humidity, Make the surrounding air fresh.

Second, cold fog equipment pipeline (Φ12mm high pressure stainless steel pipe)
The inlet end of the main machine is a low-pressure stainless steel wire wound hose with an inner diameter of not less than Φ20mm and is connected with a water quality filtration device to reduce water pressure requirements at the water inlet end; the high pressure hose and delivery pipe Connection; delivery pipe, wall thickness of not less than 1.5mm high purity stainless steel tube, the maximum working pressure greater than 100 MPa.
Third, cold fog dedicated water purification device
Fourth, the nozzle
Fifth, cold fog control system
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