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Hemisphere nozzle

Morning glory nozzle, also known as the petunia nozzle. It is the use of refractive principle, forming a uniform water spray film, the shape of the wind in the absence of a certain water pressure can form a complete daffodil. This water spray is suitable for indoor or courtyard fountains. In the nozzle below the valve can be installed to adjust the amount of water, while the top of the nozzle can also adjust the cap, so that spray patterns to achieve the best results, the same principle with the hemisphere nozzle.

Sprinkler model
The main performance
Connecting pipe Installation dimensions(mm)
Water pressure
Spray high
Spray diameter
Connection type A B
QN-318 60 1.50 0.25 0.45 20 Internal thread 160 +140
QN-102 60 2.00 0.30 0.60 25 Internal thread 160 +145
QN-202 60 2.50 0.35 0.90 40 Internal thread 165 +145
QN-103 60 4.00 0.40 1.20 50 Internal thread 175 +150