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Peacock open screen (hemisphere dandelion) nozzle

Hemispheric dandelion nozzle also known as peacock open nozzle, but its structural principle and structure and the open screen (scattering) nozzle are not the same, and basically the same with the dandelion nozzle, the only difference is that it is hemispherical, spout water posture Half-ring dandelion, also like a peacock open screen. The water quality requirements and dandelion nozzle the same, can be applied to a variety of fountains.

Sprinkler model The main performance Connecting pipe Installation dimensions(mm)
Water pressure
Spray high
Spray diameter
Connection type A B
KQ-210 70 12.00 0.60 0.80 40 Internal thread 600 +450
KQ-209 70 19.00 0.80 1.25 50 Internal thread 800 +650
KQ-208 70 30.00 1.00 1.60 80 Internal thread 1000 +850