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Fountain equipment commonly used nozzle types and nozzle installation and commissioning specifications

Fountain equipment commonly used nozzle types and nozzle installation and commissioning specifications, nozzle plug how to deal with?

First, the type of nozzle
Commonly used nozzles are: adjustable DC nozzle adjustable DC nozzle: spray into a linear water column;
Swinging nozzle Swinging nozzle: a variety of water posture generated a combination of swing shape water shape flexible, chic, large swing, dynamic strong;
Basket flower basket: composed by a plurality of spray nozzle adjustable adjustable nozzle swing flower basket a large flower basket;
Peacock peacock open screen: composed of adjustable DC nozzle shape water, like a peacock open screen;
Adjustable multi-head directly on the nozzle Adjustable multi-head on the nozzle: jet jet thick sturdy jet, imposing, water spray thick;
Center Sprinkler Center Sprinklers: Spray water Peacock wide adjustable jet straight head center Sprinkler Zhuang tall, imposing, water spray thick, generally do large fountains in the main nozzle;
Gas nozzle nozzle nozzle: the use of inhalation of air, with less water can produce plump jet, water column is white opaque, reflective effect is better, more air nozzle nozzle air icicle nozzle icicle nozzle: jet nozzle white Like icicles, reflective effect is good;
Yongquan nozzle Yongquan nozzle: the nozzle around the formation of a mixture of white ice icicle nozzle Spray head color Hilly, with less water to give people a huge landscape, good reflective effect atomization nozzle atomization nozzle: the use of water spray Force to spray water into the smoke like smoke, such as fog;
Hemisphere nozzle Hemisphere nozzle Spray nozzle Hemisphere nozzle: beautiful appearance, uniform water jet, small water, unique style;
Mushroom sprinkler Mushroom sprinkler Vertical rotating nozzle: the use of water spray reaction force or centrifugal force to promote the nozzle to form a curve Rotating body water, like Chang'e Shu sleeve, mushroom sprinklers: water less water spray water, water film uniform, shaped like mushrooms, Hemispherical
Vertical rotary nozzle Vertical rotary nozzle is the fountain of fountains change fountain pool design center essential nozzle;
Horizontal Rotating Head Horizontal Rotating Head: the use of hydraulic propulsion to 360 degrees rotation, the water posture such as the wheel fly, unique;
Style nozzle style column nozzle: water jet effects clear, low pressure horizontal rotary nozzle style nozzle graceful and moving, water pressure is high, strong and powerful jet water column, water jet appearance when the appearance of a bouquet;
Dandelion sprinkler Dandelion sprinkler: stick out from a sphere of many branches, lace sprinkler dandelion sprinkler to form a large ball, water polo dandelion ball, majestic, can be set separately or staggered set;
Hemisphere dandelion head Hemisphere dandelion head: shape like a peacock open screen, a small outlet, water spray noise and so on.

Second, the nozzle installation:
Dry spray pool, the nozzle is generally installed below the drain grate about 3-5cm, be careful not to allow the drain grate barrier spray nozzle.
Install the nozzle in the pool, the nozzle head should be about 3-4cm above the water surface, lower than the overflow port about 3cm, the nozzle head should be horizontal and vertical, the rules arranged in a line, before and after the level of not more than 1-2cm, petunia, morning glory and so on In accordance with its requirements above the surface, to achieve results.
Spray nozzle to clean up in a timely manner, with raw material, linen can not stay in the nozzle.