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Different materials fountain features

Stone fountain is the most commonly used stone fountain, the most common is the yellow rust stone fountain and golden sesame fountain, then the two stone fountain What is the difference? Yellow, yellow stone belongs to yellow granite, but the color difference is obvious. There are no black spots, rust spots, embroidery spots, embroidery points clear, deep yellow embroidery point of high quality. Rust stone color is particularly beautiful, showing luxury noble, high wear resistance, rust stone defects are inevitable color.
Yellow rust stone flower pot surface is common light litchi and fire surface, rust points my NTO different origin, different color lines, can be divided into Fujian gold rust and rice white rust and Shandong yellow rust. Some northern stone manufacturers use Shandong yellow rust stone. Yellow rust stone fountain overall lower cost, is the use of many landscape landscape stone fountain.
Gold jade fountain stone with high brightness, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, high hardness. Yellow color is more noble, a yellow gray, gray pitting, design and color is yellow, we can do more effect processing technology surface treatment: polishing matt, fire, sandblasting, water knife Treatment, such as gold hemp is common in Shandong gold mahogany area north. Golden Ma is also the first choice for indoor and outdoor stone wall hanging plate, gold and sesame fountain more expensive yellow rust stone fountain.
Stone stone material from the corrosion-resistant, not easy to weathering point of view, the two similar stones, two stone fountain for large fountains. Durable, difficult to damage, decorative high. Professional stone fountain manufacturers on the fountain carving process requirements higher, the installation process pure, fountain water uniform.