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Fountain equipment water features

Fountain equipment Water features:
1, water-based landscape modeling: quiet pool of water wide and calm, you can water pavilions, rocks, flowers and other reflection into the water to form a reflection, can increase the level of scenery and beauty. If there are subtle ripples on the water, make the reflection more vivid and lively, colorful. If the configuration of the pool rocks, curved bridge, aquatic plants, fish, but also add to the vitality of life. Due to its simple structure, low cost, low consumption of water and energy, low running cost, no noise and simple maintenance and management, the static tank has more practical applications. Wave waves for the waves pool for fine scales, but also for the stormy sea waves, both along the gentle slope of the beach to come back and recede, but also can make jutao steep cliff reef. Wave pool often with children's pool, aquarium fish ponds, etc. combined to build, both to increase their authenticity and fun, but also to enhance the water oxygenation effect, to prevent water .
2, water-based landscape modeling: water does not necessarily have a lot of traffic, a very wide surface and deep riverbed, it is important to use flexible and clever terrain, the stream, diffuse, laminar flow and other organic And with the application of stone, bridges, pavilions, flowers and other appropriate interspersed with the time so that the water flow when the buffer is slow, when the usual time-hopping, straight when the song, when the hidden time, so that the entire water system 淙 淙, Splash, lively, changing. General flow of water and energy consumption is not large, and the water does not rot, have a certain self-purification capacity, but also borrow deep stream slow section of breeding fish and crabs, to add fun to the pleasure of tourists.
3, to drop water-based landscape modeling: natural terrain rock cliffs, steep slopes and other high ridge can be used, or artificial rockery, cliffs, you can form a waterfall, causing torrent drop, snow waves roll over , Water fog surges, the rainbow when the spectacular landscape. It also forms a volley of water curtains, resulting in a crystal clear curtain, but also constitute the wall along the steep wall flow, or water splash, or water film flashing. Hole stream of water generally slim and transparent, natural soft, light and charming, can form a variety of forms, lively and lovely shape, properly with the sculpture, falling water and so on, showing a strong artistic effect.