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Fountain equipment in the use of water features what role

Landscaping: Water features itself can form the main landscape, landscape center. Waterscape project can also be decorated, contrast other landscape. The static landscape matches the water feature of the event and can be combined with the static movement to make it more vivid and colorful. Calm water, can make the scene more calm and stable, complement each other, to avoid tedium.
Many scenic spots can be linked through the water features to form an organic attraction, which play a role in inducing tourists. Water landscape can be used to separate scenic spots, the formation of a number of independent and mutually echoed attractions, improve the ornamental value and ornamental.
Improve the residential environment: water features can be similar to the sea, forests, grasslands and lakes, clean the air, make the air clean and humid fresh scenic area, so that tourists feel better, the spirit of eliminating irritability. This is due to: Water features can increase the humidity of the surrounding air, especially in hot and dry areas. Waterscape project can increase the concentration of negative oxygen ions around the air, reducing the number of suspended bacteria, improve air hygiene conditions. Waterscape project can greatly reduce the amount of dust in the air, make the air clean.