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Waterscape fountain sprinkler classification and characteristics

Water features sprinkler head, water jet crystal clear, bright and smooth lines, the water column can be ups and downs with the beat of the music, elegant chic. The nozzle can freely adjust the vertical and horizontal angle, plus the change of water pressure, according to different appreciation requirements, you can combine a variety of high and low angle injection effect, multi-nozzle combination can be sprayed with different shapes of combination effects.
With the continuous development of the steel market, our nozzle products have the tendency of surplus. Due to the influence of the international steel market, we believe our stainless steel fountain head products will be continuously updated.
Some of the most widely used fountainhead products have a strong display of fountainheads with multiple showerhead combinations, waterjets straight, so named for collecting straight nozzles, jetting radiance, passionate, passionate battles, waterflooding high,
Dry type DC fountain nozzle, water is often used in dry place, nozzle appearance, smooth surface, and marble, marble parallel installation, easy installation, easy installation, simple and beautiful water effect.
Water jets, water fountain jets are usually relatively traditional nozzles installed in the water and named, the nozzle is not filled with water, generally not used for landscape fountain installed in a large square, the general installation of shopping malls, door amusement plants, such as drought, can play landscaping , Reducing air temperature and increasing air circulation, are the latest to adapt to market needs and to develop a new fountain sprinkler.