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Precautions for installing and maintaining fountain equipment

Fountain equipment maintenance staff management: fountain equipment maintenance staff of professional trainers, electrical equipment maintenance personnel also need to hold a professional certificate; fountain operators to evaluate every six months to strengthen management. Installation of fountain equipment: Fountain cable connections must be made in the absence of water and use three layers of protective tape, insulating tape and high-voltage insulating tape. Fountain underwater lighting replacement must be carried out in the absence of water, and bolted.
Check the fountain equipment, check the underwater lamps: Fountain underwater lights should be checked monthly, loose screws, to avoid light body water short circuit fault. Cable inspection: Check the cable in the water for six months, check the aging situation, to avoid unnecessary losses. Check the nozzle: In order to ensure the beauty and consistency of the type of fountain water, nozzle angle should be changed at any time changes, the use of sharp objects is prohibited to prevent nozzle damage.
Fountain electrical testing: regular fountain electrical maintenance, and the equipment inside the cabinet for six months the necessary maintenance test. Maintenance of electrical equipment should be cut off the power of the circumstances, special circumstances require live operations, should take safety precautions, an important part of the supervision by a person.
Replacing the fountain equipment: Fountain spare equipment should be started regularly (daily frequency of change, the use of low frequency), to prevent deterioration of equipment performance. Solenoid The diaphragm should replace all objects that fall off the pipe. Tighten the screws diagonally, and the computer and program are upgraded annually.
Fountain equipment cleaning, fountain pump cleaning: fountain pump nozzle should be cleaned every month to prevent dirt plug suction, reduce efficiency and even equipment damage. When parking in winter, the submersible pump must release cooling water to avoid freezing and damage to the pump body, whereas the oil cooling pump needs to close the valve. Fountain pipe cleaning: once a year, before stopping the fountain equipment, the water in the pipe should be kept clean to prevent the pipeline rupture. Fountain nozzle and underwater lamp cleaning: six months cleaning, pay attention to the nozzle and underwater lamp to prevent damage during cleaning .
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